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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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reports of fresh violence in egypt as mohamed morsy supporters clashed with his opponents near the presidential palace but both sides have called mass rallies. no relief for britain as the country's finance minister warns an already angry public that five more years it was dirty and cuts ahead. and israel refuses to comply with u.n. demands of that it open it's on acknowledge nuclear facilities for inspection and join the nonproliferation treaty calling the general assembly voted void.
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you're watching our live from moscow with me to bomb let's say we start in egypt where the standoff between mohamed morsi and the opposition has caused new al breaks of violence supporters of the country's leader has reportedly clashed with its opponents near the presidential palace where both parties have called rallies the muslim brotherhood israeli morsy supporters of the tens of thousands took part in an opposition mas' on his palace on tuesday night let's get more from our correspondent in cairo tomball to joins us live now tom we're getting reports of fresh clashes in cairo any signs of those where you are. there is indeed to buying it seems that in the streets outside the presidential palace it's become a battleground between pro and anti mohamed morsi protesters we with them last night an enormous crowd made up of the more liberal elements of the opposition elements. he gathered to demand that varying things in between him leaving
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his office completely or at the very least rescinding those extra powers that he gave himself over a week ago that caused this whole through war in the first place that was a largely peaceful protest but to get to begin with the police fired a few rounds of tear gas but once the crowd set about wrenching aside the barbed wire barricades the police really fell back and didn't do very much to stop them and they swarmed around the palace search chanting there also seem to be some aim to case and the police and security forces were going quite lightly on the protesters a few people went so far as to suggest perhaps that they perhaps a little sympathetic to the protesters but one soldier for example stood on top of his armored vehicle and raised the egyptian flag from inside the compound which garnered a huge cheer from the crowd however today those things do seem to have turned nasty
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initial reports have now been an escalating of fighting between a bit with sticks between the muslim brotherhood and pro morsi supporters on one side and those on the other side. anti morsi also a hail of stones flying outside the presidential palace a very tense situation there people are already having been wounded now with both sides holding rallies are only indication that a solution to this deadlock is in sight. yes i mean it seems as though the the sides in this circumstance to tional crisis is what it is at its heart it seems that they have coalesced into largely elements based around in tough risk where are the more liberal limits of society some minority groups there like coptic christians people who feel very nervous about
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a new draft constitution which is the very reason most he gave himself those powers in the first place he states to try and make sure that that constitution wasn't scuppered by the top judges in egypt the opportunity say that that constitution is to islamist and it doesn't give enough protection to free speech to minorities in in egyptian society like coptic christians and also to half the population to women it is they say it doesn't give enough status and protection to them a lot of the newspapers here in cairo today have either not printed anything or run blank headlines in protest at so what they see as an anti free speech constitution on the other side we see the supporters of mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood some salafist another a more can more conservative islamist groups rallying huge rallies as well in the past week as well as large rallies by the opposition to show their support for him
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to show that they think he is that they stress he's democratically elected the first democratically elected president in a long time and also they think they say that he's he's been quite reasonable he's trying to find a compromise they having organized a huge a rally outside the presidential palace now now which is leading to these clashes so the fear is however that these divisions will not just be in demonstrations that the violence that we're seeing now erupting around the presidential palace could spread and could become worse tom barton head. stay safe between those two rallies they live from cairo tahrir square thank you for that update. for the long of the deadlock between president and opposition in egypt goes on the greater the danger things could spiral out of control let us know where you think the stand up by the actually lead to by taking part in our poll at our dot com and he has all the votes look so far a third of those who have had their say the egyptian leader will cancel his new
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release in order to stay in office just over a quarter think the new wave of anti-government protests will result in further instability leading to a libya style war slightly less than say the current situation would lead to the military and its president mubarak's clique a coming back to power and to finally less than fifteen percent are convinced morsi his resignation and new elections i never will let us know what you think at r.t. dot com. the u.s. is preparing to send patriot missiles to turkey off to nato approve the plan to defend itself against potential missile attacks from inside syria and america is also pressuring iraq does surge syria bomb planes for weapons even demanding a grounds passing jets baghdad isn't enthusiastic as marina but neither reports. as the syrian government struggles to stay in power fighting against rebels backed by the west america is also attempting to suffocate the alleged weapons flying into
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damascus washington accuses iran of being the key arms supplier to assad forces and to stop the transfer the us is now reportedly demanding that baghdad inspect planes flying from iran over its airspace into syria and their american government unfortunately. the very strong rule. any other country this is just one more example amazing thing is that government is saying that they can control flights over countries in force. force and. by doing so the u.s. has created something of a paradox forcing iraq to prevent iran from dealing with syria by bringing up this issue of so-called weapons supplied to just another way to pressure the baghdad regime united states feel that it's not invested blood and treasure in terms of
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overthrowing saddam hussein that it has the right if not the obligation to then order the internal affairs of the baghdad regime obviously. objects to this kind of approach and i daresay that the iraqi people object to that approach as well the names u.s. officials have complained that baghdad is not doing enough to cooperate with washington's demands since september iraq has only managed to allegedly inspect two iranian planes baghdad does not have an air force and grounding planes is proving too costly as they must be refueled after each check recently iraq made it clear that it is not willing to march to the beat of america's drum in an interview with the new york times iraq's minister of transportation said quote we are an independent country and our stance is clear we will search whichever plane. we want whenever we want we will not take orders and i think. our
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most countries during the. treatment of the american government. don't feel the same we're. nearly one decade after saddam hussein was ousted by the u.s. led invasion into iraq washington is pressuring a new governor of the very same country to help the leader of a different as america continue supporting syria's opposition in part by police in iran iraq for its all to march in lockstep with borders has pretty something of a middle east trying all the white house may not be able to navigate bring up or not artsy. turkish troops and helicopters have pondered the kurdish area near the border with syria killing thirteen suspected militants the crisis in syria is being seen as a chance for could have aspirations for independence and statehood and whether the turks are actually shooting themselves in the first by supporting the syrian uprising is
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a subject up for debate and the latest episode of cross talk coming up this hour. britain is facing at least five more years of his charity the country's finance minister says there's no miracle kill for the country's economy the highly anticipated autumn statement by george osborne broad's little relief for public already angered by government cuts for more on the story i'm joined now live by sara for joining me from london sara what exactly did the chancellor say about the measures the u.k. public will face. or chancellor george osborne starting his statement by saying that the british economy is slowly healing now that certainly elicited loves from the house of commons but calls that he painted at the think clearly unfunny picture of the future of our economy now have a look at what the figures show us and it is actually that the economy set to shrink by the end of twenty twelve by about nor point one percent now it's
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a small amount but of course new sides of that all important growth in fact what we saw is the borrowing is up is that the debt is rising and not falling and that what will set the scene now is more cuts in spending more cuts to the welfare and that's that's really important millions of families all across britain in real terms now very importantly one of the crucial bits of that statement is that we've seen the government have missed that debt reduction target that they set themselves and we're now facing and also there is the program that's been extended left going to take us away to twenty eight hundred so incredibly bad knees certainly the chancellor trying to paint it as a sort of economic situation that said to continue looking pretty bleak but importantly he was trying to couch it in terms that he was say hey look it's despite our policies and not because of our policies and of course that's something that many of the opposition groups would contest and we spoke to someone outside
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the houses of parliament this morning ahead of that autumn statement. he's definitely not up to the job and hasn't been right from the outset what he has is an ideology which is about dismantling an important welfare state and making sure that those that are on high incomes are protected. i'm sure this is not the kind of statement the public was waiting for what is what does this really mean in terms of real terms for people the. well that's exactly what people are going to be looking for how is this going to hit families in their wallets in their pockets you know people all across britain are going to watch this today businesses families they will today exactly what's going to be happening now and there was a bit of concern when you look at what he was saying in the old since they were certainly when it came to welfare now the government is looking to save three point seven billion on the welfare bill with us because the benefit payments are going to rise by just one percent and that's less than inflation is that's effectively going
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to mean that in real terms millions of families all across the u.k. all going to have real time cuts to their welfare and now if you also listen to the rhetoric that the chancellor years we saw more of that sort of wall wealth rhetoric coming out there's a lot of bluster there talking about fairness but not just to people who need it also to people who are going to work and having to face the neighbor who are living on benefits and i'm forty doesn't really take into account the pitch of the welfare system in the country at the moment which is a system that is failing people say that's going to certainly be an area of concern for a lot of people and as he said you know a pretty bleak and gloomy outlook for the coming years with that a stereotype program extended with the government targets miss the chancellor george osborne did a fantastic job of this sort of couching it in all this flashy language and avoiding what was really the crux of this alten statement that is of britain is
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that virtually all that recession the recession is continuing and that's more economic pay for millions of families all around britain. thank you very much to serve for us there reporting live from london. we've moved from the u.k. i had to with a look at how london's mayor has voiced what many quids have long been thinking about is continuing financial crisis the head of the british capital urged the u.k. to hold a referendum of the country's membership making an exit a likely prospect. class china as a result planning an image revamp amid a growing criticism of the government's extravagant lifestyle that's off the shelf break.
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trimmings and this is true even for specialists a voice can produce several sounds it warms. the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from unions believe not only animals but also surrounding objects like reverse morris and even stones souls by imitating the sounds they believe capture the power of nature. to get to one of the five main stars of groups and it imitates the gentle breezes of summer hora whose name means great hunter says the first piece of.
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there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every come. petition but jealous people killed that the horse was revived as an instrument. of surplus role is because of the spirit of the horse came to his dream and said make an instrument from the tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings on my tail and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument a good deal which means come back and this melody only instrument is called cry over again.
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you're watching artie china's new government is ready fall for maker promising to revamp its image for de kittens and crack down on corruption so it's a huge entourages and bankers and the red carpets will be rolled up and stuart the aim is to save money and prevent any more of the recent high level political scandals dr chan gang from the national university of singapore believes it's all due to outside pressure. of course the new leadership on the. communist party know i was a big problem in its crisis which means actually the poverty all the bottom of the social media has caused them more and more dollars on the corrupt us lavish lifestyle. communist party congress we also witness to. a serious reports by the international media
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talking about. scandals in the corrupt do a.v.'s related to the communist party. officials so i think you see it's a kind of also i'm not response to the international critics of. ari. on our t.v. dot com the hit and run story although let's motorized john mccarthy go online well we've lined up the latest about the former anti computer virus entrepreneur and how many use false i.d.'s to escape capture and in the country. plants noisy neighbors in the netherlands be way harassing the people living next door could see you exile from city centers also live in basic containers on the police information get more on that and i think.
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the mayor of london once the u.k. to significantly reduce its ties with the e.u. calling for an end all travel random on membership and then financial boris johnson called the single currency the euro zone calamitous project and others robert alder says the mayor has struck a chord with the british people and the majority one out of the according to the opinion polls most people in britain do want the u.k. out of the european union i think the u. is a massive burden both in terms of tax amount of money we have to pay to you each year and of course it's regulatory burden the trade links will always continue will always be buying german cars all french wine french cheese and and we'll be selling to them financial services and other goods that we make in britain so that won't
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change course what will change is that the money that britain has to hand over to the european union will see so we can drastically reduce that we don't really need to be run by brussels and needs to should be a country what to do we are big enough to manage our own affairs. some other international news in brief time finbar power which is currently bettering the philippines as claimed more than two hundred eighty lives tens of thousands fled their homes as the storm rolled across southern and central areas cutting off power to entire provinces cities are working in the worst hit areas but it's feared the number of casualties will rise the storm is expected to move into the south china sea on thursday. so be as i'm best at arjun a job brown is lover milinkevich as committed suicide in brussels he leaped to his death from an airport carpark eight meters high and unnamed serbian officials said he jumped while waiting for foreign ministry stuff we do to hold talks with nato
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officials the fifty two year old envoy leaves behind six sons. and in the u.k. two australian deejays pretending to be the queen and prince charles of course a royal rumpus phoned the hospital where the pregnant kate middleton is dane and chatted with a nurse about her condition the hoaxers managed to get a full update on the duchess of cambridge's condition she is thought to be less than twelve weeks pregnant and was admitted to hospital on monday with severe morning sickness. the pace to search for peace in colombia continues with the latest round of negotiations between the government and guerrilla rebels the talks come amid the deadliest military raid against armed insurgents as as discussions began in october during an exclusive interview gerard t a top farkle fishel says they want peace claims of being forced to fight for it. people who are in colombia want to fight for ideas different than a mere liberal ideas are killed so how is it possible to participate in
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politics if people who have other ideas are killed we have not taken the arms because we wanted we have taken the arms because the colombian state and the united states imperialism have obliged us compelled us to do so. israel has a smith stay un resolution calling on it to open up its nuclear facilities for inspection as a meaningless and mechanical verge the general assembly overwhelm me back to a proposal calling on israel to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty israel has never admitted it possesses atomic weapons although few doubt its fully armed as artie's policy here reports. it's a story that has all the ingredients and intrusion of a hollywood blockbuster nucleus nagging a hollywood producer and an israeli prime minister it's
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a story that here in tel aviv the authorities don't want to talk about but two israeli americans have put pen to paper it's probably be. best kept secret in the world on center stage is on on mulch and a hollywood producer and israeli undercover agent who is alleged to have smuggled nuclear triggers from the united states into israel a california engineer richard kelly smith says he was recruited by most in the early seventy's smith was later convicted in the united states of running an american front company to help. this story first surface to be i files released at the end of last year and in joseph goldman's tell all book confidential this was a very limited operation in fact when the account which is the hebrew acronym for science liaison bureau with the nablus even the mossad with unaware of its existence and only it was basically created behind the back of this with the purity of nablus look only of this year the f.b.i.
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released these documents from a seven year investigation which began in one thousand nine hundred five they show how a network of front companies connected to these weighty defense ministry smuggled nuclear triggers out of the united states to israel what's apparent in the documents is that the israeli ministry of defense would place an order for prohibited items with an israeli company called he light trading the light trading is where benjamin netanyahu worked and would meet with richard kelly smith. when he visited israel then they would transfer the order to an organization called milko in california to fulfill the order violating export control act and shipping the triggers out of the united states they called it the operation project printer all the allegations are based on smith's testimony and many have been surprised by the detail if you take a look at the documents netanyahu is definitely mentioned in the document and
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that's what surprised us because typically. you get two types of sensors of this type of document sometimes a block off an entire page sometimes of just block off a name in this case netanyahu his name is clearly stated in the documents in the documents it is alleged netanyahu asked mulch and the hollywood producer not to discuss the matter publicly in a written response to r.t. the israeli foreign ministry denied all allegations on the other side of the story aside from the leaked documents washington today is keeping quiet israeli new kit capabilities are some of the most guarded secrets the u.s. government holds far more secrets some would argue than information it has about iran but for the foreseeable future the book on israel's nuclear secrets is closed police here r.t. israel. coming up in just a few moments piddle of elle's cross talk to stay with r.t. .
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. to least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots of the cia people interviews intriguing stories for you here. in trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dot com.
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still. blowing welcome across the country for little the kurds would seem like a fantasy only two years ago could become a reality.


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